Human Resource Management Consulting

Human Resource Management Consulting

Hire the Right Person for the Right Job – Every Time

Is Employee Turnover costing your company significant, bottom line, dollars? Are new recruits going out the back door almost as quickly as they came in? Do you want to know how to hire the right people and not only keep them, but keep your money?

I’m Bud Elias, President of the Advantage Group, and I can’t tell you how many of my clients come to me with this problem. It is overwhelming and rampant in virtually every industry, although some more than others, such as the auto industry and hospitality.

I decided (after two years of research) that the Advantage Group needed to become a strategic business partner with Profiles International. They not only provide time-tested employee assessments for hiring the right people for the right job, but other invaluable management, measurement and training tools. We can provide your company with Onboarding, 360 Degree Assessments, Employee Surveys, Focus Groups and Employee Assessments.

Give us a call at 727-796-9660 to find out how you can start attracting and hiring the right people for the right job today!