The Safe and Strategic Way to Invest

There has to be a way to invest so your money grows over time and does not experience sharp downfalls that damage the growth you achieve.

For twenty years (1995-2015), the S&P 500 Index had an average return of 9.85% a year. Compare that to the 20-year average of equity fund investors at 5.19%. The higher rate of return is where you should be, especially when you learn that you don’t lose money with index investing.

Why Indexing is the Answer

Let’s explain why index investing is a safer and more strategic approach.

Although your rate of return is capped at a certain percentage rate with indexing, it will never go below zero, meaning you never experience losses. In contrast, a person invested in the stock market sees their money continually going up and down. But each time the market goes down, you have to recover what you lost before you can start to see a positive rate of return again.

Building your retirement account is a long-term strategy which makes the index model the perfect fit. Indexing with the S&P Index has a higher rate of return overall and it’s why we recommend investing that way.

100-Year-Old Strategy

The indexing solution is a 100-year-old strategy. It’s stood the test of time, and it’s time you knew about it so you can make it work for you. It’s your alternative to investing in IRAs, 401(k)s, money market accounts, CDs, and annuities.

Indexed Universal Life policies (IUL) are linked to the S&P 500 but not invested in the market, and that’s how you stay protected.

This method gives you better growth over time in a tax-deferred solution that also allows you to access your money (after the first 10 years) without incurring taxes or fees.

Get Started

It’s worth your time to discuss indexing as a profitable strategy for retirement. Whether you are 25 years old or 55 or somewhere in between, it’s important to discuss your options with an experienced advisor who understands indexing fully, answers your questions, and recommends the appropriate IUL for you.

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