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The Advantage Group an HR Consulting Firm

At  The Advantage Group, an HR Consulting Firm servicing Tampa and the surrounding areas, we do the research through confidential employee satisfaction surveys, focus groups and 360 degree evaluations and we then help you use that data to implement change. We donít want your survey results to gather dust on a shelf. Instead, our training programs and action implementation plans serve as a call to action. We help you use the data collected to make your company more productive, efficient and profitable.

Benefits of our survey and consulting services:

  • Increased employee satisfaction, morale, productivity, retention
  • Decreased absenteeism and turn-over
  • Enhanced management and interpersonal skills
  • Inspired trust and commitment among your workforce
  • Increased customer satisfaction and profitability

Survey Services; The Advantage Group’s years of experience allow us craft a survey that lets you know how you are doing, areas that need improvement, areas where you shine, how to effectively communicate with your staff and how to increase employee satisfaction and retention – which all translate to better customer satisfaction and a healthier bottom line.

Confidential employee satisfaction surveys use input from those who make it happen – your employees. To understand how you fare as an employer, you need to know exactly how your employees perceive their job, management, the company, their benefits and their working conditions. Each survey is custom designed and administered using state-of-the-art technology. Anonymity is assured.

360 degree evaluations gauge a manager’s intrapersonal and managerial skills by interpreting three survey results: how the manager views him/herself, how the boss views the manager, how the manager’s employees and peers view him/her. These results identify the manager’s areas of strength, areas of opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed. Action and training plans are included as part of the 360 degree evaluation so the results can be used as a training tool.

Consulting Services

Do you know what is happening in your organization? From the very top of your management team down to the newest employee are there issues that are keeping you from being as good as you can be?

In many cases the employer loses touch with its’ associates.  What are the hopes, concerns and expectations of the work force?  Are those hopes, concerns and expectations in alignment the goals and mission of the organization?

How can the organization continue to improve the delivery of its  product?  How do they get better? Are they all on the same page?  What is keeping them from reaching their goals and objectives?  What tools are available to help diagnose organizational problems and design solutions?

Is there an attrition issue?  Are there as many employees going out the back door as came in the front door?  If so, what does that do to employee morale?  What does it do to employee productivity?  What is the cost of high employee turnover?