Client Testimonials



Customer Satisfaction is Key to a Strong Bottom Line

“After 105 years in business, and with close to 1000 employees, we consider the Advantage Group Confidential Employee Survey process an integral part of our family business. We firmly believe that a strong Employee Satisfaction Index leads to a strong Customer Satisfaction Index, which leads to a strong bottom line.”

Preston L. Farrior
V.P. Automotive Operations
Ferman Automotive Group


Continuous Improvement and the Strive for Excellence

“We are a Tampa Family owned chain of New Automobile dealerships. Located on the West Coast of Florida whose roots opened for business in 1895. Our family owned business, Ferman Motor Car Company, currently employs approximately 1000 employees. Our revenue exceeds over 500 million dollars annually. Today’s opportunities to succeed rest solely on our ability to develop personnel. For nearly twelve years, The Advantage Group, more specifically, Mr. Bud Elias, has been an integral part of our success. Mr. Elias specifically has facilitated:

  1. Employee Focus Groups
  2. Employee Satisfaction Survey
  3. Employee Benefit Programs
  4. Personal troubleshooting, Productions problems in areas of customers satisfaction
  5. Training our Trainer
  6. Individual staff member career counseling

The list of contributions from Mr. Elias exceeds the above listed in many, many ways. I believe his efforts play a very significant role in our accomplishments as one of the top 50 Chevrolet Agencies in the country in sales, profitability and customer satisfaction. There are over 4500 Chevrolet Agencies on the country and Mr. Elias is a member of our team that has been recognized by General Motors as the “best of the Best”

I strongly endorse Mr. Elias to any business entity that wishes to pursue continuous improvement and excellence in results.”

Eddie Gomez
Ferman Motor Company


Unique and Enlightening Approach to Enhancing Working Relationships

“The 360 Degree Assessment Program has offered a keen and rarely seen insight into the working relationships that exist at our YMCA and how they affect each individuals work performance. The evaluative tools used for the process were easy to use and provided a sense of security for those giving and receiving the results of the questionnaire. This resulted in a truly eye opening review for many, if not all, of our staff. This process allowed constructive criticism to be given and taken at one’s own pace without fear of retribution. This is the only program I have participated in with confidentiality assurances that were not only implied in the presentation of the process but were required for it to be successful.

The results of this evaluation can be witnessed at our offices on a daily basis. The suggestions and discussions have created a true sense of understanding in regards to how we are viewed by, and how we view, our team members. This has aided our development as a team that really understands its members and how they prefer to operate.”

Tim Ackerman
Associate Vice President
Buildings and Grounds
YMCA of the Suncoast


Navigating with a Trusted Guide

“Since its inception in 1999, Crystal Motor Car Company has relied on Advantage Group for all its Employee Benefit consulting. President Bud Elias has been both a trusted friend and valuable counselor.

Whether purchasing a Major Medical plan, ancillary benefits or surveying our employees, Bud has always been deeply involved. It would be hard to imagine the challenges of navigating the benefit marketplace without him.

Through Bud’s leadership we have been able to offer a high quality Benefits package to our employees at reasonable prices. He introduced our company to the partially self insured marketplace for Major Medical insurance plans, saving us thousands and keeping costs affordable for all our staff.

Bud also devotes himself to visiting our dealerships each month to personally enroll new hires into our benefit plans, greatly enhancing our participation levels.

As we face the uncertainties that the Obamacare legislation will invariably bring, I am glad to have Bud on our side. He brings vast resources to our fingertips, allowing us to plan effectively and make sounds business benefits decisions.”

Mark Pickett, CFO Crystal Autos


 A Friend and a True Professional

“I have known Bud for 20 years and have seen the professionalism with which he conducts himself and his business. He constantly puts the best interest of his clients and prospects at the top of everything he does. He is a true professional that I recommend freely and often. Fortunately, I get to also call him my friend.”

Rich Walling, President & COO of H&A Consulting Partners