Affordable Care Act

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: Countdown to Compliance

The Internal Revenue Service recently issued guidance intended to ease the administrative burden of offering group health insurance within 90 days of an employee’s hire date.

The Affordable Care Act’s shared-responsibility provision requires most individuals to secure health insurance or pay a penalty that starts at $95 or 1 percent of income. A person is subject to the law’s fine if he or she is without health insurance for more than 90 days during the year.

Most health plans don’t start coverage until the first of the month. And most employers use irregular hire dates, so waiting 90 days from the date of hire can run the risk of violating the federal law’s shared-responsibility provisions.

Employers are now allowed to have a one-month “orientation period” or an evaluation or training period from the date of hire for up to one month. If this and other news about the Affordable Care Act has you confused, pick up the phone and call us now. 727-796-9660.

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